Yamaha Pro Mix 01 Digital Audio Mixer 16 Control Channels TESTED & WORKING

The ProMix 01 is an 18 x 2 mixer. 16 of the inputs are mono, and one is stereo. All inputs are analog. But once the ProMix gets the analog audio, it converts it to digital and keeps it there for all aspects of "mixing" including levels, panning, and EQ. The ProMix takes the digital processing even further and provides digital dynamics processing as well as digital multi-effects. All of this processing is done with incredible clarity and ease and provides a stereo mix--complete with reverbs, EQ, delays, flanges, compression, limiting, and more--as a balanced XLR analog output or a digital output ready for the digital input of your DAT deck or other digital mastering/storage system. Good working condition. Sold as is. Originally sold for $1,999. Shipping varies by buyers location.