YAMAHA TG33 FM AWM Vector Synthesizer + 100s of Sounds

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Yamaha TG33 Vector midi synthesizer in good condition, with power supply and a CDR with manual and best of all ... 100's of great sounds!

Including Yamaha, Sound Source and Valhala Voice Banks.

Yamaha TG33, "Vector" synthesizer using 2 sampled voices + 2 FM synth voices making for some wonderful evolving sounds. Though it can do traditional pianos, brass, strings and more... it is best at producing ambient pads and sound effects that change over time.

The ball type joystick can be used to program your movements into the actual finished patch! Or it can also be used to alter sounds in real time when recording or performing live.

This TG 33 is in good condition. It will come with a power supply and a CDR with the manuals on it, plus hundreds of patches in several dozen sysex banks. These are loaded from your PC via MIDI. I'm adding photos shortly ...

These sounds cost me an arm and a leg over a couple of years time ... so this is quite a deal! The CD will also contain TG33 edit, which can be used to load your banks, and even program your TG33 (or SY22 for that matter) via a MIDI connection to your PC.