Here is 1 of 2 very RARE Yamaha TM-1 powered amplified speaker systems, that I have, and am selling one at a time. I have had alot of interest for one speaker not two. If you win the first one I will give you the option to buy the second one for the same price. These speakers are hard to find and do not come up for sale to often. I searched all over the Internet and can not find to much on these speakers, they were made for Yamaha high end FX-1 through FX-5 organs back in the late 70s early 80s. I believe you could probably modify them for just about any purpose, stereo, guitar etc.

All the speakers have been tested and work great,these speakers consist of 1-15" woofer, 3- 8" mid range speakers and 3- 3" tweeters, 1- Amplifier and crossovers. The number on the 15" speaker is a Yamaha JA-3602, and the 8" speakers are Yamaha JA-2105 and the 3" tweeters are Yamaha JA-0537. This speaker is rated at 210 watts, 3 channels, I bet they would rock. I do not have a organ to test these but I plugged the speaker in and turned the Amp on and I could hear they were on through the speakers ( faint power noise) and the little red lights came on in the front and one in the back.

This speaker is in great condition inside and out, all the speakers are clean with no rips or holes and the 15 has good foam and the speaker cloths are
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