Yamaha WX5 Midi Wind Instrument

Bring sax chops into the world of synth sound.

You can set the fingering of the Yamaha WX5 MIDI Wind Controller to match a number of wind instruments and it features a 16-key layout similar to a standard sax. Includes built-in MIDI output connector, dedicated connector and cable for direct connection to WX-Series tone generators, high-resolution wind sensor for smooth volume control, thumb-controlled pitch bend wheel, and more.
The Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller takes wind MIDI control to new levels of performance and playability. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fingering modes, the WX5 makes expressive wind control more accessible than ever before. The WX5 gives experienced wind players a new medium and vastly expanded sonic possibilities in a familiar format, playable enough for beginners.

Yamaha WX5 MIDI Wind Controller Features:

16-key configuration
MIDI output connector
Dedicated connection to WX-Series tone generators
High-res wind sensor gives you precise mastery of volume
Thumb-controlled pitch bend wheel

This instrument has been lightly used and is still in very good condition. You will get many hours/days/years of enjoyment with it.