PIPE & MASTERCARVER INFO DIRECT FROM MY WORKSHOP WELCOME TO S.YANIK Since it/'s foundation in 1953,YANIK Meerschaum Hand Arts workshop is proud to present you, our worthy customers the most beautiful meerschaum pipes with highest quality and I advise you to look at the pictures for the artistic, esthetic and realistic quality of the pipes before you place a bid. If you would like to have more pictures of the pipes,please contact me. All my pipes and other productions are 100 % block meerschaum with highest quality from the Karatepe village in Eskisehir-Turkey. All my artwork have my signature . All my pipes undergo 3 phases of different special beeswax varnish and t is no one else who has the knowledge of this special beeswax because my knowledge of special varnish is the result of years of experience and information collecting. T/'s absolutely no kind of effect in the pictures of the pipes. Every meerschaum pipes artist says that he uses a special method for varnishing but actually that/'s not true, they only use yellow coloured natural beeswax and it/'s not special at all. For the stems of the pipes,we use OX-Horns,Ebonite,Acrylic,Vulcanite,Amber and some other hand made stems. For the screw,we use a strong material called Teflon-Delrin Connector. We drill into the pipes to make a hole inside it for the stem,the hole is

L : 6 inch H : 2 inch PAYMENT INFO I accept PAYPAL .After the sale of the item,the customer will be provided with payment information. BIDDERS WITH ZERO FEEDBACK or UNRESOLVED PAYMENT SITUATIONS PLEASE E-MAIL ME BEFORE BIDDING OR I WILL CANCEL YOUR BIDS. If you don/'t contact me within 3 days as soon as the auction has end,the sale will be cancelled after the 7th day,the bidder will be blocked and the item will be reported as unpaid item to ebay. I have been selling for 8 years as a GOLD LEVEL POWER SELLER.This statement is not valid for serious and fast paying customers. /'ATTENTION/' PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT Some fake merchants are sending emails to people when my auctions have ended and they are saying that they have YANIK pipes,they are offering fake pipes with discounted prices.I sell via hsyanikmeerschaum id on ebay,I don/'t have another merchant or representative.Please note that the seller will not accept any responsibility on loss or damaged items through shipping we dont shipping insuarance items. SHIPPING INFO World Wide $15 we send registered via Turkish Post Service.Our customers receive the package by signing a form from the postman. We don/'t send packages as insurance,when fast shipping is requested, we offer TNT CARGO,UPS,DHL.These kind of shipping costs are variable,you will be informed about the cost if you mail me with that question. We ship the items within 24 hours after the auction has ended.Weekends and holidays excluded.


Thank You

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