YANKEE-PENNAMITE WAR 1771 Newspaper Susquehanna River *

YANKEE-PENNAMITE WAR 1771 Newspaper Susquehanna River * is a complete, genuine historic newspaper with the following title, date and description: LONDON CHRONICLE, September 10, 1771 * Yankee-Pennamite War * Susquehanna River & Wyoming Valley Inside under "America" is an extract of a letter from Pennsylvania mentioning "...a kind of internal war carried on within...this Province...I mean the attempt of the Connecticut people with a set of lawless banditti from our frontier, to fix a settlement at Wyoming, on the north branch of Susquehanna. T have been frequent engagements...some lives have been lost..." & more. Other news of the day, mostly European throughout. Quarto-size, 8 pages. wikipedia notes: The Pennamite-Yankee War (or Wars) is the name given to fighting which occurred between 1769 and 1799 between settlers from Connecticut who claimed the land along the North Branch of the Susquehanna River in the present Wyoming Valley, and settlers from Pennsylvania who laid claim to the same territory. Because the combatants were from Connecticut and Pennsylvania, the wars are also known as the Yankee-Pennamite Wars. King Charles II of England had granted the land to Connecticut in 1663, and also to William Penn in 1681. The charter of each colony assigned the territory to the colony; thus overlapping land claims existed. Both ... read more