Yankey Clover Cologne - Richard Hudnut Yanky - unused

Yanky Clover, sometimes mispelled as Yankey Clover is a RARE cologne by Richard Hudnut. Even though the box looks a bit worn, on the edges, the darling glass bottle and bright pink lid are MINT. You can actually smell the clover, which smells a bit like a carnation flower - yummy and fresh. This is another example of how well my Aunt Mamie took care of everything (most of it unused). She was a horrendous pack rat, but just look at all of the goodies she left for me to have fun selling on ebay! I can't give you any details on the age of the cologne, but one older lady, in the neighborhood, thought that it was from the 40s. If you know something about it, I'd love to hear. T is the usual evaporation that happens over the ages, but the cologne is clear - no sludge at the bottom or any sedament from the lid liner or anthing. It's just like what it is - new been used!

The bottle is 4 fluid ounces and is 6 inches high (including the lid) and has the label (mint condition) saying:


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