Yeah! It's A Twinky Doll! Vintage Plastic Dollhouse Boy

Rare Twinky plastic dollhouse boy from the 1940s - 1950s. He would be perfect for a Keystone, Rich or other vintage or vintage style dollhouse. A boy in the same type outfit is shown on page 107 of Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls 1840 - 1990 by Marcie & Bob Tubbs with Dian Zillner. Ethel Strong started the Massachusetts company in 1946. She utilized neighborhood women and children to help paint & clothe the dolls. Besides the original five member family set dolls from various countries, historical eras and occupations were produced. By the time she ceased production in 1953 Ethel Strong thought the dolls were a failure. Little did she know how highly coveted Twinky dolls are today. What was really unique about these dolls was the adults were jointed at the knees so they could sit. I think these were the best plastic dollhouse dolls ever made! The little fella you're looking at is in good condition. No chips or wear on the painted face, hair or shoes & socks. His jointed arms and legs are still well strung. The only issue is he is soiled from years of play & wear, he was like this when I bought him. His clothes do not come off so I would advise do not try to clean him. He is about 3 & 11/16" tall and if placed just right can stand on his own. For adult collectors & will combine shipping.