9 Year Narcotics Anonymous Number Style Coin in Box

This is a NEW Nickel Silver NUMBER Style (9) Nine Year Medallion
in an Air Tight Capsule
Placed in Hard Case Blue Velvet Box Number STYLE FRONT: NA symbol and 9 Years (Nine)
Service,God,Socitey,Self on Outside
Freedom Goodwill on Inside
BACK: That No Addict Ever Seeking Recovery Need Ever Die..
My Gratitude Speaks when I Care
and when I Share the NA Way
Small Diamond in the Middle with NA This is A NEW Coin and Box.
If you know someone with their anniversary coming up,
they will never forget receiving this coin. They are beautiful and the airtight capsule prevents tarnish or scratches
so coin can be carried in pocket or purse. NOTE: Image is Stock and used to represent all coins You will receive 9 (Nine) Year Coin

NA3-9 ------------------------------------------------------- Of Interest to Members of Narcotics Anonymous PAYPAL Accepted -