Back in the 1940s during and after World War II when briar was in short supply, Kaywoodie and Yello-Bole started making "Hand Made" pipes, actually carved pipes that would enable them to use the briar that had small defects and would otherwise not qualify for their grades of pipes that required unblemished briar.
One variation of these was the "Bamboo" Yello-Bole and "Mandarin" Kaywoodie.
This is one of Yello-Bole's "Bamboo" pipes of the era.

TheYello-Bole line, introduced in 1932, was an outlet for briar not usedin Kaywoodie production, mainly because it did not meet the higher grading standards (for spectacular graining, etc., required in Kaywoodie production). Yello-Bole's were manufactured by Penacook, N.H., subsidiary, The New England Briar Pipe Co. Advertising from the 1940s, pictures the Yello-Bole "Honey Girl" and urges the pipe smoker to smoke the pipe with "a little honey in every bowl." Honey was an ingredient of the material used to line the inside of the bowl. It was said to provide a faster, sweeter break-in of the pipe.

I find these old Yello-Boles to be among some of the best smoking pipes on the market. You have to remember that they were made from briar owned by Kaywoodie - the undisputable owners of the best available briar of the day. Yello-Bole pipes were made from Kaywoodie's select "100-year-old"
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