Yellow 36D Mabuchi Motor K&B BOBCAT Head Driven 1960 Vintage Slot Car Wires

#1 White Head , No Tooth Pinion . With red & blue Wires, Head Driven Yellow , 36D Mabuchi Motor, without g ear, 48 pitch b y Bobcat K & B made in Japan with Brass Pinion from the 1960's Vintage Slot Car Motor .
1960's Vintage 36D Mabuchi Slot Car Motor 1/24 1/32 1/25 scale.
Motors are from NOS to gentle used to very used, Please look closely at pics for info conditions specifics .
Always email for more info If you have any question of the condition or info. Thanks HCE55
(1) 1960 Vintage Slot Car Motor in this auction, Used Old Stock, All motor run. Look at pictures.
FYI The most FAMOUS AND COMMONLY USED SLOT CAR MOTORS WERE MADE BY KEN MABUCI of TOKYO JAPAN. Mabuchi motors came in 6 different sizes and were special ordered by companies in special colors and windings They are 15R used in Strombecker, Gray motor with a white end bell, 15 is the shorter than the 15R used in Eldon and later Revell RTR, generally cad-plated or dark blue.
TC Series: Strombecker introduced in m id 1960, TC32, 12 volt Motor.
FT13UO or 300 SERIES, used in ELDON'S "CONCOURS" & Monogram Formula One cars & 1/24th KURTIS Midget. 16D = FT16 or 500 Series. 26D = FT26, 550 series. 36D = FT36, 600 series. These motors were sold by slot car brand labels like Revell Fireball, SP 80, SP40, SP90, SP500, 500,
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