Yellow Cat Petrified Wood Awesome - Polished*Deep Red**

Very Rare

Yellow Cat

Petrified Wood


This Yellow Cat Petrified Wood comes from Grand County, Utah found in the Brushy Basin Member in the Morrison Formation. This petrified wood is about 140-110 million years old from the Jurassic Time Period. Yellow Cat Petrified Wood is extremely rare and highly prized by wood and rare specimen collectors alike. Most pieces we have tested under the Ultra Violet light has fluoresced a very bright, lime green. The limb casts from this area can be solid banded agate all the way through, banded agate with calcite or quartz centers but the majority are partial replacements with the banded agate mixed with shale to complete the casts. The agate colors range from red, orange, black, yellow and lavender.

Beautiful yellow cat petrified wood has the most interesting banded agate, it has a small area of red outside coating. This one also floresces a bright green.

Excellent specimen with a mirror polish.

Measurements are 1 inch by 3/4 inch on the polished face and 1/2 inch tall, weighs .4oz.

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