Yellowstone Map Pure Oil Puritan Pennsylvania Motor Old

This is an old map from Puritan Pure Pennsylvania Oil by Pure Oil Co. It does not have a date but it came with several other Yellowstone papers dated from the 1920's.
The side with the large full page map is an Automobile Guide Map of Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Y. T. -Yellowstone Trail, G to G - Geysers to Glaciers
Y.G.B.- Yellowstone Glacier Bee Line
In each of the four corners is a policeman with hand held up "Stop Your Engine Troubles" Within the map are more icons that are for Motor and Tractor Oils - Watch for the Puritan Policeman Signs, Puritan Motor Oils handled at all important points. Also listed are the Pure Oil Co's Branches cities and refinery cities.
Advertising is from cities near Yellowstone like Gardiner and Livingston Mt.
Condition: Used and with yellowing of the paper and some soil. It has some edge wear mostly on the outer edge of the front cover and a nick on the left side fold of front. Written in pencil is the word 'camp' in several different spots.