Yemen Jambiya - handmade 14" dagger knife from Arabia

I bought this Jambiya in Bab Al-Yemen, the gate of the ancient city of Sanaa, Yemen.

It is entirely hand-made, with a hand polished natural bone or horn handle and embossed leather on the sheath. Total length is over 13 inches.

The sheath is made of leather-covered wood, the blade is steel, the handle is studded with metal, and the sheath is covered with metal filigree (I don't know what type).

I am also listing otherJambiyas for sale - if you win more than one, shipping will be free for all but one of the Jambiyas (all will ship for only $4.00 total shipping charge)

Yemeni jambias are an important part of the Yemeni man 's traditional dress. It is worn tucked under the front of the belt. An honorable yemeni tribesman wouldn't think of meeting with other men without a Jambiya on his waist anymore than a western businessman would show up for an important meeting without a suit jacket and tie.

The jambia 's price is greatly varied and depending on the quality of the handle 's base, the blade material itself, and the difficulty of the design crafted on the casing. High quality jambiyas cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The most expensive Jambiya in Yemen was recently purchased by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar from Sheikh Ahmed Hamid Al-Habari for over $1 million US dollars.

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