Yemen Kathiri Seiyun Tarim 1897 12 Khumsi

Hello, Please take a look at my other auctions as well as I am getting rid of a lot of my collection bit by bit and I have some pretty good ones. I will combine shipping $.25 per auction. If the auction has more than 1 coin in it I can and will adjust the shipping accordingly however it will still be a lower shipping price than the multiple auctions regular shipping price. Also, since I will be putting up more auctions throughout the weeks/month I will allow you to combine shipping with auctions that are listed at the time of the end of your winning bid. International shipping. I will ship internationally to most countries. I have excluded the countries that I will not ship to. However please be aware that the shipping price is for this auction only. Once I get past a couple of coins I have to send them in a package and my cost is about $9, then if the amount gets pretty high I will require you to register the shipping (my only way to be sure you received your coins) and that costs me $13. So international buyers please be aware that your shipping charges can get pretty costly and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this. International buyers if you buy just a single coin shipping is not so bad as I can usually send it as a letter, however if your price exceeds $100 I will definitely require registered mail, which is an ... read more