Yemen Kingdom 781-784,Bl.160A,MNH.Apollo 11,Manned Moon landing,1969.Astronauts.

Yemen Kingdom 781A-784A, 785A Michel, MNH. Apollo 11, Manned Moon landing, 1969. Astronauts. Many of my items displayed on eBay consist of several pieces. The first smaller (image) shows only one piece. For a complete view of the product, please see the description that covers all included pieces. The scans used for my images are from my picture's library and sometimes don't apply to the actual item. If you need the actual item scan please request. I invite you to visit my eBay store where you can purchase multiple items for one discounted payment during 7 days. $0.20 shipping for each additional eligible item you buy . Here are the instructions for purchase and payment of shipping costs for multiple items: For domestic purchases up to $40.00 first class mail will be used; purchases above $40.00 require priority or insured mail (buyer pays the mail fee). For international purchases up to $60.00 first class international airmail will be used; purchases between $60.00 and $200.00 require registered mail (buyer pays the $17.00 or $18.00 for oversize item);purchases over $200.00 require priority international and over $400.00 express mail (buyer pays the $29.00 or the $50.00 fee). Warning for the buyers from Eastern European countries, Russia, China, Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, Africa exclude RSA, and the buyers with eBay ... read more