YES (1st) RARER Orig UK 1969 Atlantic Plum EX LP

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Artist or Band: YES

Album Title: Yes.

Producer(s): Paul Clay & Yes.


Side 1: Beyond and Before; I See You; Yesterday and Today; Looking Around.

Side 2: Harold Land; Every Little Thing; Sweetness; Survival.

Label/Format: Atlantic – Original red and maroon (‘plum’) format.

Label Conditions: Both clean, fresh and attractive with some mainly mild spindle usage seen just around the hole area under light. Guessing number of plays on this is a little difficult, what is far more important, this superb album plays beautifully and one of the cleanest sounding originals I have heard for some considerable time.

Cat Number: 588190.

Mode / Speed: Stereo / 33.3 rpm.

Warps: Assume all records I offer have no warping of any significance and all tracking is easy and effortless and should play on all turntables and even ‘budget’ decks.

Weight of this Record: 133 grams. A very good average weight for album.

Country of Manufacture: England.

Rarity: Original plum copies are scarce and elusive. Seldom seen with even respectable covers which

Original Year of Release: 1969.

Matrix Nos: 588190 A // 1 1 1 ? & 588190 B // 1 1 1 ? 1 2

The Band: Bill Bruford - drums, vibes; Tony Kaye - organ, piano; Peter Banks - guitar, vocals; Chris Squire - bass, vocals; John Anderson - lead singer and incidental percussion.

Brief Info: Brilliant debut album from one of rock’s evergreen progressive bands, some even consider it their best ever. It was clear even from these early days, this band were very special and technically up-there with the very best around at the time. From these early beginnings, things progressed fast and soon they became one of the biggest and most successful within their field. This copy offers a superb cover – one of the best I have seen ever, and a record that offers very impressive clean sound. The original lyric insert sheet is almost like new.

Cover Grade and Format: EXCELLENT(++): an unlaminated gatefold format with a matt finish and very delicate indeed. The front is only single thickness card and only rarely will be seen devoid of major rubbing, creasing, scuffs and ringwear – not uncommon to see torn as well. Printed and made in England by MacNeill Press.

Cover Front: One that immediately hits the senses being an incredibly fresh intense black and practically devoid of those issues mentioned above. A small few very fine edge hairlines but little else – this has to be seen for real to be fully appreciated. Any faint rub traces are confined to the bottom left near the spine edge but show little. Any marks or handling traces, even when viewed under angled light are tiny, few and very faint indeed and this magnificent front (which it’s single thickness card) will prove immensely difficult to find better.

Cover Back: The back is very similar, even better if anything with barely a crease to be see and not rubbing. The odd small ripple trace being critical, but note the lack of ringwear, not even a hint on one of the most prone covers of this time. The famous logo each side look stunning with bright vivid and rich colour. This is one to hold and view, not hide away seeking an upgrade in the near future – or possibly ever.

Cover Inner Gatefold: The dark band (right) side is nigh-on pristine. The text and more white side, is – stating the obvious – prone to set-off where dark rests upon white. Only mild traces are seen. I have indeed seen some of these very darkened with ink that has set off badly. Somehow, this one has barely been affected to any degree – and no, I have not rubbed or ‘cleaned’ this in any way.

Top Edges: Both crisp and sharp with barely ...

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