yi lin collectable set of chinese elephant w/satin case

you are bidding on a unique collection of chinese elephants from the yi lin treasures of china collection. many of these pieces embody work from highly skilled artisans.this collection was owned by my grandmother who has passed recently and we are overwhelmed with her belongings.we can not find a date on box nor could we find info on the net. we do not know how old they are or what t made of ,they feel like porcelain or jade t solid and fairly heavy. my grand mother didnt buy anything cheap.t is some fading on the exterior satin.the elephants were not put out for display, we found them in her second bed room packed still in the case.the interior is solid red satin,sorry the pictures arent the best the satin is very reflective. every elephant is in perfect condition,except for a little red color on the figurines from sitting in t for so long but not bad. if you have any questions please ask, thank you and good luck.