yixing pewter and clay dragon design tea set

Lovely original Yixing clay and pewter dragon design tea set. It has been in my family for the last 30 years it is being sold because I am having a general clean out .
All pieces have the makers mark on the bottom except the water jug. The mark reads ' Ho Sheng teapot makers and general store keeper wei-hai-wei ' there is also some Chinese writing above .
The tea pot is missing the knob of the top of the lid, it has an original Chinese coin embedded in the lid see pic 8.
The small pot has no chips or cracks to its body but is chipped inside the lid see pic 7
The sugar bowl is intact
The water jug is intact but the handle has come of, easily repairable see pic 9
Recently saw a set similar to mine sold for £400 + but my set has some restoration needed .