Yixing Teapot Cinnabar Red Plant Design

I'm really not sure how old this is! I have search the web trying to find one just like it & I did

not see anyone like it.

History on the Yixing ware Teapots have an interesting history that dates back to the

Sung Dynasty (960- 1279) when purple clay was first mined around Lake Taibu in China.

Along with the earliiest tea shipments to Europe came distinctive red earthware teapots,

initiating a tea drinking tradtion that continues today.

Yixing clay occurs natuurally in three characteristic colors: Light Buff, Cinnabar Red and Purplish Brown.

Other colors are created by mixing these three or adding mineral pigments.

The yixing teapots are free of lead, arsenic,cadmium and other toxic materials.

Not only are Yixing Teapots beautiful and unique works of art, but they are excellent brewing vessels.

The teapots are built by the hands of a single potter artisan. As early as the 16th century the artist

marked their pots with clearly inscribed characters or, later, stamped them with seals bearing their names.

This Teapot is a Plant Design. On the Top of the Lid is a trunk and vines run off it & ts leaves on the vines.

The inside of the lid is marked as well as the bottom on Teapot.

The handle is a Tree branch
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