Yocco's Hot Dog Plush Allentown, Pa Iacocca

You are bidding on a plush Hot Dog King - the mascot for the famous Yocco's Hot Dog Stand in Allentown, Pa. This collectible was sold at the restaurant during their 80th anniversary celebration in 2002.He is in good condition. He is about 8 inches tall and has velcro on his back so you can attach him to anything.(Shown in pictures) But he looks great sitting on a shelf! This establishment is well known for their well done hot dogs and their famous sauce! The name Yocco's was derived from the name "Iacocca," after the family who owns the establishment.(YES..they are related to Lee Iacocca!) However, because the local Pennsylvania Dutch people could not pronounce Iacocca (an Italian name) and said Yocco instead, the name was changed to reflect their pronunciation.