Yogi Berra 1961 Autographed Baseball "RARE"

This is a 1961 baseball autographed by Yogi Berra when he was just a young man in his prime. My father got this for me in 1961 when I was just a year old and I have owned it ever since. It was part of a promotion I beleive by Lever Brothers who I think sold soap products in the day. I still have the original box that it came in making it a very rare and one of a kind piece. The box is missing a side where it was originally opened but it still has the address label on it as well as the original postage dated 1961. It came from New York. The ball has a very nice and clear autograph. It looks as if it was either done with a fountain pen or possibly even an early version of a ballpoint pen. The ball is a Spalding AAA Top-Flite Official with a horsehide cover. The stitching is perfect. The ball does have a few brown age spots (like me) but overall is in excellent shape for being 54-55 years old. This is a truly one of a kind item considering it has its original shipping box and you will probably never see another one like this ever anywhere. Don't miss out on a chance to own a very unique ball by the great Yogi. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. I have reduced my starting bid so bid early!