Yomega Raiders (2 yoyos included PLUS STRING)

Pair of Yomega Raiders
A classically shaped ball-bearing yoyo, the Yomega Raider is highly respected in the yoyo community. Stock, the Yomega Raider makes a great 1A responsive yoyo for classic tricks, but modified it is often considered the best 2A yoyo money can buy. Even with all of the newly designed loopers on the market today, the classic Raider is still regarded as one of the best.
You are purchasing a set of two Yomega Raiders , along with a pack of 20 BLACK 50/50 strings (half polyester/half cotton).
This string is responsive and durable--great for anyone learning to loop.
These Raiders have only been used two or three times and are in perfect working condition with freshly cleaned and lubed bearings. They each have two small "flat spots" on their rims. This is not a defect, they were there when I originally purchased them, and are a result of the plastic molding process.
No international shipping. No returns or exchanges accepted. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.