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We offer a truly outstanding and unusual grouping opportunity that might not come along again in a very long time. Not long ago I purchased a collection of artifacts that were found along the Mohawk River by the late Milton Dufel and his family. The Dufels were well known dairy farmers, and collected artifacts on their land. Milton's collection was featured in Who's Who Volume 4 (see attached). The article says that he found all of his artifacts on the family farm. Maybe, but there are so many that my guess is that Milton occasionally must have ventured to neighboring farms along the Mohawk. Milton lived in Tribe's Hill, NY, just west of Amsterdam, NY. Just across the river was Fort Johnson, Fort Hunter, etc. at Schoharie Crossing. Needless to say the Mohawk was a well trafficed Native American thoroughfare from Paleo times to the Iroquois. Mr. Dufel's collection contains hundred's of pieces representing many cultures and time periods. These artifacts were NEVER been offered for sale prior to my purchase of same, and they are as fresh to market as you can get. How fresh? These were wrapped in newspapers dated 1993 when I bought them. Mr. Dufel passed away in 1997. And, you simply won't believe this...most have never been washed . Yes, you read that right. And, I'm not going to wash them! Here's why. I've been walking

Of the hundreds of points in the Dufel collection I culled out only 4 that I felt might be Otter Creek. As you know, these are so difficult to find. I think I'm on safe turf designating these as Otter Creeks but typology is an inexact science. Be that as it may, I just love these "old lunkers". What can one say about that point with the rocket ship base...way, way up there on the cool meter! Yes, the "rocket ship" is a rare but recognized Otter Creek basal variant. The point could be siltstone or weathered chert. It is 2 3/4" long and a standout in any collection. The impressive broad side notch Otter Creek is what I'd consider a "classic" arrowhead...they don't get much better. He is 2 7/8" long and an impressive 1 1/2" wide. The other 2 points are great in their own right, but they are a bit overshadowed by the 2 "stars of the show". They are 2 3/4" and 2 1/2" long respectively.

While these 4 points are all in decent shape there are a few plow induced or age induced blemishes. They are field grade, but nice. Please look over the many photos carefully. Very lucky buyer please add $6.50. I know that you will be pleased to add these to your collection. As we've said, where are you going to find 4 Otter Creek's???

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