New York Yankees World Series Championship Ring

welcome to my auction. I loaned some money to a friend and he gave me some rings to pay me. This is one of the rings. I have looked up these rings and they are the best i have seen on here. I HAVE never seen a replica ring with the logo down in the stone on this ring. This ring is size 10. The name is JETER. Its made of alloy and 24k gold plated. Stones are czs and pronged in.It is solid and weighs 50 grams. Its also deeply engraved. I also have a few others with names RIVERA and different sizes. Ask me if you need a different size I am just trying to get my money back. I DO NOT make them nor can I get any more. What I have is what I will sell. These rings dont look like those mass produced cheap rings out there either. Notice the Glass Blue stone, not plastic like the rest. Any questions I will try to answer them. Good luck !!!!!!
There are a difference on the rings on ebay. The ring thats cost 50-100 are made of a cheaper alloy. The plating will flake off the stones are glued. Look at how you can see around the sides of the stones. These rings are the quality ones out there.
Sorry about the pictures. I am out of town and my cousin took the pics. I will be home the end of the week and ship the rings. Thanks