Yorkshire, All Briar straight Rhodesian pipe. Removable stinger and briar stem.

We offer this Yorkshire pipe for sale. It is a smooth bowl except for 2 carved rings around the bowl. It is Rhodesian shaped and square shanked. The stem appears to be wood also and screws onto the shank. There is a removable stinger which is the same size as a filter. The briar bowl and finish is in very good condition. There are marks on the rim from bouncing the pipe. There is a small metal spacer between the shank and stem. This spacer is loose. The stem appears to be wood also. It has some teeth marks by the bit. The stem screws onto the shank as intended. The stinger is removable and a filter could be inserted in it's place. This is a very unique pipe.

Overall length: 5 3/8"

Height of bowl: 1 3/4"

Depth of bore: 1 1/2"

Bore diameter: 3/4"