Young and Sons antique transit. Roughly dated back to between 1894-1896. I do not see a patent date of any kind. Serial # on transit appears to be 6836. T is a # stamped on the inside of the box-6838. Box dimension and condition--9 5/8 wide, 13 tall, 11 3/4 deep. Box shows its age with wear, nicks and scratches. T is a keyhole in front but I do not have the key, or any paperwork on transit. Both sid ehook latches still latch, although left side is harder to move than right side. Lid opens and closes freely. T is a side to sode spilt in the wood on the backside approx 1 inch below the hinges. Looks like someone opened the lid too far, still attached though. The strap is still attached but has been torn on the backside. Inside appears to be all original green felt, bottom pad still has padding in it. Still has wooden holders intact, from what I can tell, for holding any acces. I do not have any except the sunshade eyepiece. Transit dimension and condition--10 1/4 tall, 5 3/4 wide, eyepiece is 8 3/8 unextended and 9 1/8 extended. Very heavy, all brass from what I know. The sunshade eyepiece that attaches to the front is 2 1/2 long. Every adjustment wheel turns extremely well, except for the knob that turns the compass face. It is hard to turn but does adjust all the way to either side. Eyepiece has 3 horizontal lines and 1 vertical ... read more