Young Love - Sterling - Brand new & unopened - Svc/4

Incredible find

Beautiful Starter Service for 4

Better than new - This is NEW but without the middleman

Young Love by Heirloom sterling - Now Oneida

No monograms

I am thrilled to be able to offer a starter set of sterling flatware that is in truly unused condition. Each piece is still sealed in the factory wrappers... untouched for as long as 30 years. The exquisitely sweet and simple design is still as crisp and clean as the day this sterling was manufactured.

The pattern symbolizes the sweet simplicity of young love. What a marvelous wedding present... maybe an anniversary, or even a graduation gift. An untarnished promise of the future.

What a fantastic offering just before Valentine's Day!

I decided against removing any of the pieces for pictures, instead preserving the integrity of my statement that these are truly unused and unopened. One wrapper was slightly punctured in order for someone to take a closer look at the pattern but the hole wasn't enough to remove the piece so I just taped over the hole. Other than that, none of the other wrappers have been touched.

Now... to the particulars. As mentioned above, this set is a starter service for 4 and the pattern is still in production but occasionally, t are relatively inexpensive listings on Ebay
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