Ytterbium metal chunk: 10 grams - 99.9% pure - rare earth element sample

Chemical element collection for sale. This auction features:
Ytterbium - rare earth
For sale is 10.0 grams of ytterbium metal. The piece is about .75 x .75 x .3 inches. The piece is 99.9% pure ytterbium and comes with a Certificate of Analysis.
As is often the case with rare earth chemical samples, it's impurities include many other rare earth elements such as Lanthanum and Samarium.
This chunk was cut/sawn off a larger chunk/ingot.
Ytterbium metal is a member of the Rare Earth series and is relatively soft, malleable and ductile. While the element is fairly stable in air, it should be kept in closed containers to protect it from air and moisture. It reacts very slowly with water and rapidly with acids.
Photo is of actual sample for sale.
General information, shipping & payment details - PLEASE READ I acquired this and most of the other samples i'm selling from Dave Hamric/metallium in 2007-2008. I no longer need a periodic table collection so i am selling most of my element samples on Ebay over the next week or two. See my current auctions for many other rare earth elements. If you are trying to put together a periodic chart/element collection - you will find many must haves among my auctions! I am happy to combine shipping on multiple items. If you win multiple items, i will calculate the
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