Yu-Gi-Oh 63 card Six Samurai Deck with Xyz and Synchro Samurai Holos

You are purchasing a custom built Yu-Gi-Oh deck. This deck is a Six Samurai Deck.

Every card in this deck will be listed below. My card grading is as follows:

Gem Mint is a card that I personally removed from the pack or deck while wearing gloves. It has never been handled.

Mint is a card that does not show any damage that is visible to the nacked eye.

Near Mint is a clean card with minor if any imperfections such as a white dot or tiny nick.

Excellent is one grade below Near Mint and shows slight play or one small spot of larger play but is still a very nice card.

Very Good is moderately played but is still tournament legal.

Good is a grade below fine and shows moderate to heavy play, but is still tournament legal in a sleeve.

Poor is a card that is most likely not tournament legal. May be torn, watermarked, marked or have other types/kinds of damage.

Deck List:

1 x RYMP-ENSE1 Legendary Six Samura - Shi En (Super Rare - Limited edition) Mint condition
2 x SDWA-EN041 Shadow of the Six Samurai (Ultra Rare - 1st edition) Mint condition
1 x SDWA-EN018 Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki (Ultra Rare - 1st edition) Mint condition
1 x RYMP-EN089 The Six Samurai - Kamon (Ultra Rare - Unlimited edition) Mint condition
1 x RYMP-EN092 The Six Samurai - Zanji (Ultra
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