Yu-Gi-Oh Amazing Collection! Many Holos! Decks + Staples + Bonuses!

Thank you for taking an interest in my collection! I have 4,500 holos as of April 18th! I still have many cards pictured and you have a chance at them plus many more! You are bidding for a random 15 holo cards from my collection . The holos will be chosen from a very old collection. I was a very avid collector of these cards in my childhood. I collected for about 8 years since the very beginning. My collection mostly consists of cards from the 1st two series! About 60% of my collection is 1st edition and roughly 40% unlimited! There are many Limited Edition cards as well! Most cards in great condition but since its random the conditions will vary. There are many high valued cards that you have a chance at. The cards will be chosen by mixing and flipping the yugioh cards upside down. I will randomly draw cards from the pile. I have multiple COMPLETE sets of the entire 1st series still unchosen. I have many 1st edition holographic cards from LOB, MRD, PSV, CRV, PGD, AST, DCR. There are also many game promos and limited edition cards from the early years. There are many cards left that you will be sure to love! I can't guarantee any specific cards. Good luck and believe in the heart of the cards!
Automatically Bonus when you win! You will receive 1 FREE BONUS HOLO just for winning!
These photos were taken by me. There are other
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