Yu-Gi-Oh DungeonDice Monsters Starter Set (Miniatures / Board / Card Game)

Yu-Gi-Oh DungeonDice Monsters Starter Set. Complete with all of the original contents (but no box). Very Good condition with almost no wear.
This is a hybrid miniatures / board / card game that resembles the one played by the characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series. Featuring the same blend of magic, monsters, and strategy that have made the show a hit, this game has some nicely detailed playing pieces, seven in all, five dice (covered with symbols likely to be comprehensible only to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans), and a abacus-style counter to keep score. It's an exciting dice game for two players that demands imagination and strategy. This starter set includes dice and seven figures and cards that players use to achieve a unique goal: Build a dungeon path and defeat the Enemy Monster Lord to win. Throughout this game, the dice is rolled to summon monsters and give them powers.