Yu-Gi-Oh PROMO "Dark Magician" (WJMP-JP012) ULTRA

Weekly-Jump Mag.
Ultra RARE
"Dark Magician"
You are bidding on a Ultra Rare Promo "Dark Magician" (WJMP-JP012) for Weekly-Jump Magazine in MINT condition.
This card was released with No.03 issue 2009 (published on 15th December 2008). And this card can be got during only specific period.
The illustration of this card was drawn by Original Author Kazuki Takahashi.
The condition is,
.....( X) Mint
.....( ) Near Mint (Never played)
.....( ) Excellent (Slightly worn, Light played)
.....( ) Fine (Medium worn, Medium played)
.....( ) Good (Heavy worn, Heavy played)
.....( ) Poor (Marked, Tournament illegal)
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