Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game Lot of Over 1000 Cards Rares

Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game Lot of Over 1000 Cards & Rares. Lot Includes Cards From about Every Series From 1st Edition Blues White Dragon Thru Present. I Have Several of These Lots and I will Mix them up as Good As Possiable to Contain some from all Different Series. You will at least get some 1st edition Blue Eyes White Dragon and 2 Holos and several rares and over 1000 cards. Cards have come from Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Magic Ruler, Pharaoh's Servent, Labrinth of Nightmare, Legacy of Darkness, Pharaonic Gardian, Magician's Force, Dark Crisis, Invasion of Chaos, Ancient Sanctuary, Soul of the Duelist, Rise of Destiny, Flaming Eternity, ECT. 1 of the lots will have 1st Edition Gaia the Dragon Champion, 1 will have 1st Edition Monster Reborn, some of the others will contain Left arm of the Forbidden One, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Mystical Elf, Monster Reincarnation, Divine Wrath, Silent Swordsman, Curse of Dragon, Tribute to the Doomed, Trap Hole, Dark Hole, Man Eater Bug, ECT. Email me if you have any Questions, Check out My outer Auctions as I am Putting up Several of These Lots and you can Save on Shipping as well as Increaseing your chances at Pulling more of these Rare cards. Lot at my Feedback and Bid with Confindance. Thanks for Looking and Good Luck.