Yugi Moto Deck 61 cards

You are getting a Yugi Moto Deck. This Deck is excellent for a collector or nostalgic duelist out there. The King of Games used these cards in the anime show/movies. 60 Main Deck cards + 1 Dark Paladin. You get the cards and their protective sleeves shown in the pictures. They will be well protected in bubble wrap. I will ship out promptly with tracking. Message me if you have any questions. Thank you for looking. Deck List below:
Mystic Box
Horn of the Unicorn
Rare Monster Recovery PSV-066
Rare Chain Destruction RP02-EN004
Rare Emergency Provision DB2-EN150
Super Rare Card Destruction SDY-042
Makiu, the Magical Mist
Tricky Spell 4
Rare Spiral Spear Strike FET-EN043
Rare The Tricky TDGS-EN090 1st Ed
Secret Rare Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight CT1-EN004 Limited Ed
Super Rare Summoned Skull DPYG-EN002
Beaver Warrior
Mystical Elf
Catapult Turlte
Ultra Rare Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 LCYW-EN009
Giant Soldier of Stone
Rare Dust Tornado DB1-EN075
Secret Rare Marshmallon Glasses PP01-EN004 (The name is very low on the name box. This card could be considered a miss-print)
Secret Rare Marshmallon PP01-EN003 (The name is very low on the name box. This card could also be considered a miss-print)
Super Rare Black Luster Ritual SYE-0
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