Yugioh! 1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon GENF-EN03 Ghost Rare 1st NM

Item Description:

The item you will receive is EXACTLY as described in the title of the auction/BIN. All photos are taken of the item(s) you will receive. In some cases there will be multiples of an item in which case I may take a photo of more than 1 of them, if you would like to see an exact photo of the item you will receive just send me a message and I will send you a picture ASAP.

Item Conditions Guide:

Mint (M) - A card that I grade MINT or M will only be given this grade if I personally pull it from a pack or I see someone pull it from the pack and there are NO manufacture defects in the card.

Near Mint (NM) - A card that I consider as near mint or NM means that the card is in great condition, and may have minor flaws but nothing more than a few small scratches, or dings. The card will still be in great playable condition. The card will have no creases or edge wear at all.

Played (PL) - A card that is given a grade of played will have multiple images uploaded to show every single square inch of the card in a close up photo to show the exact condition of the card.

Shipping: All shipping is free I do not ship outside of the United States I ship all my cards inside sleeve inside of a toploader inside small sports beg so it will not slide out Please make sure you billing address is up to date! We
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