Yugioh: 40 cards D.D. Control Deck (Remove From Play)

D. D. Control Deck

You are bidding for a 40 cards D.D. Control Deck (Remove From Play Deck).
What you see on the picture is the card(s) you are getting in the deck.
All cards are near mint condition.
This is a great deck to buy for you or as a gift.
Don't miss out on a great deal.
Here is the list of the deck that you are bidding for:

Monsters: 21

1x Helios Trice Megistus (Super)

1x Helios – The Primordial Sun (Super)

2x D. D. – Different Dimension Matter (Rare)

3x Memory Crusher (Rare)

3x D. D. Crazy Beast (Rare)

3x Banisher of the Radiance (Common)

3x D. D. Survivor (Common)

2x D. D. Guide (Common)

1x D. D. Trainer (Common)

1x Dimensional Alchemist (Common)

1x Golden Homunculus (Common)

Spell: 12

3x Dimensionhole (Rare)

3x Different Dimension Gate (Rare)

3x Dimensional Fissure (Common) (Played Condition)

2x Fissure (Common)

1x Smashing Ground (Common)

Trap: 7

1x Bottomless Trap Hole (Rare) (Damage)

1x Return From the Different Dimension (Common)

3x Macro Cosmos (Common)

1x Sakuretsu Armor (Common)

1x Fake Trap (Common)

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