Yugioh Advanced Bujin Deck! Yamato Amaterasu Susanowo Kagutsuchi (High Rarity)

You are buying a ( 40) card total Bujin Deck + (15) Extra Deck Each Deck will be mailed inside of an Ultra Pro Deck Box and come Pre-Sleeved (Ultra Pro) This Deck has been Play-Tested and Designed to be Competitive
Extra Deck (15) - 3x Bujintei Susanowo (Secret Rare) - 2x Bujintei Kagutsuchi (Ultra Rare) - 2x Bujinki Amaterasu (1 Secret Rare) - 2x Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King (Secret Rare) - 1x Constellar Omega (Ultra Rare) - 1x Number S39: Utopia Prime (Super Rare) - 1x Number C39: Utopia Ray (Ultra Rare) - 1x Gagaga Samurai (Super Rare) - 1x Wind-Up Zenmaister (Ultra Rare) - 1x Starliege Paladynamo (Rare)
Monsters (20) - 3x Bujin Yamato (Gold Rare) - 2x Bujin Mikazuchi (Ultra Rare) - 2x Bujin Hirume (Ultra Rare) - 1x Bujin Arasuda (Ultra Rare) - 2x Honest (Ultra Rare) - 2x Bujingi Quilin (Super Rare) - 2x Bujingi Hare (Super Rare) - 2x Bujingi Turtle - 2x Bujingi Sinyou (Ultra Rare) - 2x Bujingi Crane (Super Rare)
Spell Cards (9) - 3x Fire Formation - Tenki - 2x Bujincarnation (Rare) - 3x Mystical Space Typhoon - 1x Book of Moon
Trap Cards (11) - 2x Deep Dark Trap Hole (Gold Rare) - 1x Bottomless Trap Hole - 3x Call of the Haunted - 1x Torrential Tribute - 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device - 1x Ring of Destruction (Gold Rare) - 2x Breakthrough Skill
Shipping Each deck will be shipped within 1 day
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