Yugioh Akiza Izinski Theme Deck - Black Rose Dragon, Blue, Twilight Rose Knight

Selling a nice Yugioh Akiza Izinski Theme Deck. This set includes 43 cards. All cards are in near mint or better condition unless specified. All cards are of common rarity unless specified. Card edition (1st vs unlimited, etc) may not match what's pictured. You will receive the below:
3 Extra Deck:
1 Black Rose Dragon (gold rare)
1 Splendid Rose (rare)
1 Queen of Thorns
24 Monsters:
1 Blue Rose Dragon (super rare)
1 Queen Angel of Roses (super rare)
1 Tytannial, Princess of Camellias (gold rare)
1 Twilight Rose Knight
1 Fallen Angel of Roses (super rare)
1 Rose Lover (gold secret rare)
1 Rose Paladin (gold secret rare)
2 Rose Archer (rare)
1 Regenerating Rose
1 Rose Tentacles (rare)
3 Rose Fairy
2 Dark Verger
1 Copy Plant
2 Gigantic Cephalotus
3 Rose Witch
1 Wall of Ivy
1 Violet Witch (rare)
8 Spells:
1 Fragrance Storm (ultra rare)
1 Mark of the Rose
1 Wonder Clover
1 Seed of Deception
2 Out of the Blue
2 Space Cyclone
8 Traps:
2 Pollinosis
2 Blossom Bombardment
2 Sinister Seeds
2 Shattered Axe
All cards are authentic!
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