YuGiOh Binder Collection 800+ Cards (Exodia, Structure Decks, and more!)

I’m selling over 800+ YuGiOh cards that I’ve collected and since I no longer play, I thought I should sell them to someone who is still a collector or at least interested in playing with them.

I have a huge variety of commons, which can be used in different decks, for example: I have a couple Sangans that are good for almost any type of deck, especially great for an Exodia deck. Very few cards are damaged, but other than those few, the majority of the cards are in mint/nearmint condition. I have many commons that are good for other decks as well, like dragon decks, hieratic decks, etc.

The head of Exodia can go from around $20-$30 depending on where you look, and the limbs of Exodia can go for around $20-$50. The only Exodia part that is kind of damaged is the “Right Leg of the Forbidden One”, other than that, the rest of the pieces look to be in near mint. The Right Leg, Left Leg, and the Left Arm are from DB1, the Right Arm is from DLG1.

I also have nearly complete structure decks in my binder, such as two Machina structure decks, five Dragons Collide decks, one Samurai Warlords deck, one Gates of the Underworld deck, etc. The Dragons Collide deck currently go for $30-$35, and I have around five of the decks, do the math, and that’s around $150. I also have some of the mats and original deck list for some
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