yugioh binder dracossack exciton knight number 101 artifact sanctum mermail

Hello yugioh players today I am selling off my entire yugioh binder collection. everything you see in the pictures and MORE is what you will be receiving. All cards are in mint to near mint condition unless otherwise stated. I ship 2-3 business days after receiving cleared payment. Shipping in the U.S. is free international buyers PLEASE send me a message for a shipping quote. If there are any problems with the item please contact me first before leaving feedback. thank you and good luck.

list of cards you will be receiving

mecha phantom beast dracossack secret rare

2x evilswarm exciton knight secret rare

number 101 silent honor ark ultra rare

abyss dweller super rare

wind up arsenal zenmaioh secret rare

daigusto emerald secret rare

number 11 big eye secret rare

constellar Ptolemy m7 secret rare

3x artifact sanctum ultra rare

3x artifact ignition ultra rare

3x artifact moralltach super rare

3x ice hand secret rare

3x fire hand secret rare

2x traptrix trap hole super rare

void trap hole super rare

trap hole super rare

2x artifact beagalltach common

3x traptrix myrmeleo rare

3x traptrix dionaea rare

constellar Pleiades secret rare

gaia dragon the thunder charger super rare

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