YUGIOH COMPLETE 40 CARDS BLACKWING DECK + Extra Deck! *Tournament Ready!*

Up for sale is a complete 40 cards blackwing deck with extra deck. I personally have used this deck in tournaments and have top 3 a few times its an amazing deck. Asking $99.99 but willing to take offers.

Every card listed below and in the picture you will receive along with the sleeves.

I will not ship outside of the USA.

2x BW tamer Hawk Joe - PGL2
1x BW Armed Wing - LC5D Ultra Rare
1x BW Armor Master - PGLD
1x Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon - CT12
1x Castel, The skyblaster Musketeer - CT12
1x Black rose Dragon - LC05 Ultra rare
2x Assault Blackwing-Raikiri The Rain Shower - DOCS Ultra rare
2x Blackwing Nothung the Starlight - PGL2

Monsters: 22
3x BW Shura the blue flame - 1x super rare 2x ultra rare
2x BW gale the whirlwind - 1x Gold rare 1x Ultra rare
1x BW Oroshi the squall - super rare
3x BW Bora the Spear - 2x common 1x ultra
2x BW Blizzard the Far North - 1x common 1x ultra
2x BW pinaki the waxing moon - 2x gold rare
3x BW Kalut the Moon Shadow - 2x ultra rare 1x common
1x BW Gladius the Midnight Sun - 1x Rare
1x BW Zephyros The Elite - 1x Common
3x BW Kris the crack of dawn - 3x Gold Rare
1x BW Breeze The Zephyr - 1x Ultimate Rare

Spells: 8
3x Black Whirlwind - Common
1x Allure Of Darkness - Common
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