Yugioh High Rarity tournament ready tele-karakuri deck (ghost rare MST)

Tournament ready OTK TELE KARAKURI DECK Have used this constantly in tournaments topping many times This deck has even won 2013 New Zealand Nationals
Deck comes with pro-mated sleeve s (blue) main deck and standard ultra pro sleeves for extra deck
3x psychic commander (2 rare 1 common) 3x solar wind jammer 3x karakuri merchant (rare 1st ed all) 2xkarakuri muso (ultra 1 1st ed) 3xkarakuri strategist 3xkarakuri komachi 2x karakuri ninja 1x karakuri nisamu
Spells- 3x Mystical space typhoon (GHOST RARE) 3x Instant Fussion (ultra 1st) 1x soul charge (super 1st) 3xEmergency teleport (ULTIMATE 1ST ED) 3x karakuri anatomy 2x iron call (secret) 1x de-synchro 1x mind controll (ultra 1st)
3x royal decree ( 2x super 1x rare)
Extra Deck-
3x karakuri burei (ultimate 1st ed) 3x karakuri buerido (2 ultimate 1 gold) stardust spark dragon (ultra jump) stardust dragon (super) black rose dragon ( secret) naturia barkion (ghost) naturia beast (gold) 2x cybersaurus divine dragon knight felgrand (secret 1st ed) wind-up zenmaines (super) ally of justice catastor (super)