YuGiOh Lot 1000+, 165 Rare Cards, Limited Ed, 2 God

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

1000+ Cards. My son's entire collection...which has not been picked over. Includes 4 Limited Edition cards from the YuGiOh Movie, 2 God Cards, 2 Ultimate Rare, 34 Ultra Rare, Four Empty Tins, and 1 Portfolio.

These cards have been gently played, with the exception of the God Cards, they are slightly more used but still in great shape (see picture).

(2) God Cards

Obelisk the Tormentor Slifer the Sky Dragon (this one is taped on the botton right side)

(2) Ultimate Rare - (Image is Holographic, metallic frame, gold lettering)

Dark Blade the Dragon Knight - 1st Edition Big Core - 1st Edition

(34) Ultra Rare - (Image is Holographic, Gold Lettering)

Airknight Parshath Alpha the Magnet Warrior Andro-Sphinx Beast of Talwar Black Luster Soldier (2) Blue-Eyes White Dragon Buster Blader Chain of Destruction Cyber Harper Lady - Limited Edition Dark Eradicator Warlock - 1st Edition (2) Dark Magician Dark Paladin Exxod, Master of the Guard - 1st Edition Gaia the Dragon Champion Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi - 1st Edition (3) Kaiser Sea Horse Last Turn Manticore of Darkness Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus (2) Red-Eyes B. Dragon Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon - 1st Edition Relinquished Ring of Destruction - Limited Edition Sphinx Teleia Theinen the Great Sphinx - Promo The Legendary Fisherman
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