YuGiOh Massive collection lot, 390 cards, 2 binders, Great deal!

You are bidding on a lot of 390 yugioh cards and two binders. 99% of the cards are in mint/near mint condition, with a few having some play(mostly some of the commons), but still 100% playable. 340 of the cards are holographic, with the other 50 being very useful rares and commons such as effect veiler, solemn judgment, bottomless trap hole, dimensional prison, mirror force, etc...
I don't have the time to construct a full list of what in in the binders so I will give you some highlights: Among the card in this lot are: x2 secret rare gorz the emissary of darkness x1 ultra rare tragoedia x1 ultra rare plaguespreader zombie x2 ultra rare caius the shadow monarch x8 super rare ally of justice birdman x1 super rare dark armed dragon x2 rare lonefire blossom x1 rare effect veiler x4 common cyber dragon x4 common ryko x3 stardust dragon, all holo, varius rarity x1 dark highlander x7 number 17: leviathan dragon x4 secret, x3 ultra x3 ultra elemental hero great tornado x5 super rare elemental hero absolute zero x5 super rare elemental hero gaia x2 holo heavy storm, various rarity x2 secret rare super polymerization x2 ultra rare miracle fusion x2 ultra rare rare value x4 super rare shien's dojo x3 super rare gold sarcophagus x3 super rare wind-up factory x2 rare super polymerization x1 ultra rare solemn judgment x1 ultra rare solemn
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