Yugioh Six Samurai Deck (2 Great Shogun Shien & more)

You will recieve:
2 STON-EN013 Great Shogun Shien (Super Rare)
2 GLAS-EN033 Spirit Of The Six Samurai (Both 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN007 The Six Samurai - Yachi (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN008 The Six Samurai - Kamon (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN009 The Six Samurai - Yariza (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN010 The Six Samurai - Nisashi (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN011 The Six Samurai - Zanji (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN012 The Six Samurai - Irou (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN014 Shien's Footsoldier (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN040 Legendary Ebon Steed (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN047 Shien's Caste Of Mist (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN058 Swift Samurai Storm (All 1st Edition)
3 STON-EN051 Return Of The Six Samurai (All 1st Edition)
3 FOTB-EN051 Breakthrough! (All 1st Edition)
3 FOTB-EN052 Backs To The Wall (All 1st Edition)
All cards will be shipped in protective packaging to insure safety.
I will be posting several completed yugioh decks from time to time if your interested.
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