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This auction is for a YUGIOH STELLARKNIGHT TRIVERR ULTRA RARE NEAR MINT UNLIMITED NECH-EN054. Please note that occasionally we will use stock photos so if you want to be 100% sure on the condition of a card please message us for more information.

Condition grading:

Mint: The card has no damage, it will have come straight from a packet into a sleeve and toploader.

Near mint: The card may have slight damage but will still be in great condition.

Good: The card may have scratches and/or a few small dents.

Near good: The card will be in good condition but may have the addition of creases. The card will still be in playing condition.

Bad: The card will have major damage such as creased corners, lots of scratches and dents. The damage is what you would expect from a card that has been heavily played.

Returns policy:

We are very proud of our 100% feedback from having dealt with thousands of customers. If you are displeased with your item please message us before leaving feedback so we can try our best to resolve the issue. If you
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