Yugioh Ultimate collection, monarchs, cyber dragons,

Up for auction is huge collection that took me years to complete. This is a great collection, ready to be added to your own or start a new one. All the cards that are included are pictured and tournament legal. many of these cards have seen at least some play but are still in great shape, their condition is described below and feel free to ask any question. so, they are;

important: I do not give my cards a mint rating, even though thay are mint.


3x Dekoichi (all've slight bent at the bottom) 2x 1st

1st Treeborn NM

2x Mobius NM 1x 1st

1st Pot of Avarice (beat up)

D. D. Survivor NM

2x Bubble shuffle 1x 1st NM

2x Fusilier dragon 1x 1st NM

1st Goldd, Wu-lord NM

3x Broww, Huntsman 1x 1st NM

2x Ninja grandmaster Nm

2x Sillva, Warlord NM

1st 2x Brron, Mad king NM

Secret rares:

Ring of Destruction NM

Sangan HL2 NM


Injection fairy lily NM

3x cyber dragon LM CT03 NM

3x Command knight LM CT1 NM

Ultra Rares

1st Breaker NM

1st mirror force (slight bent on upper back)

Mirror force NM

2x Blowback dragon NM


2x creature swap

1st Snatch steal

2x freed the
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