Yume Neko Dream Cat Smile Robotic Cat by Sega Toys

The Yume Neko Smile (Dream Cat Smile)from Sega Toys is the latest in robotic animal interactivity for those who love the feeling of having a cat without all the fuss and fur of...well...having a cat. Her internal tactile sensors throughout her body let you interact with her by friendly touching, and she'll respond appropriately.
Yume Neko responds to your touch just like a real cat! Patting it on the head, scratching it, picking it up, and pulling its tail (among other actions) will elicit lots of realistic cat reactions. Don't bother her too much or she'll get angry! Reactions include blinking, moving legs, purring, moving its head, and more.
Yume Neko features:

Colors: White only Comes with comb for fur Power: C battery x 3 Manual: Japanese