M Z Austria (1884 - 1909) Moritz Zdekauer Vintage Oval 11 5/8" Platter

M Z Austria

Vintage 11 5/8" Oval Platter

Based On The Bottom Mark Dates Bewteen 1884 and 1909


This beautiful M Z Austra platter, over a 100 years old based on the porcelain mark is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks dings or dents, or crazing lines of any kind. The platter measures approximately 11 5/8" long by 8 1/8" wide. The base is marked with the M Z Logo and the wording: WARRANTED / 18 CARAT GOLD. The platter has a beautiful symetrical border around the edges which is done in a dark green, gold, and red. Truly a magnificent piece in perfect condition.

M Z Austria is the wording on a mark used by Moritz Zdekauer on porcelains made at his worls in Altrolau, Austria from 1884 to 1909. Zdekauer's company exported pieces to American and Dutch Colonies before it was bought by another company. The mark was changed to M Z Altrolau in 1909 when the firm was purchased by C. M. Hutschenreuther. The firm operated under the name Altrolau Porcelain Factories from 1909 to 1945. It was nationalized after World War II. The pieces were decoated with lavish patterns and overglaze gold decoration. Full sets of dishes were made as well as vases, toilet sets and other wares.

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